André Gagnon

The Very Best Of André Gagnon
1. Comme Au Premier Jour
2. Souvenir Lointain
3. Incertitude
4. Première Impression
5. Résonance
6. La Ronde Des Bergers
7. Un Piano Sur La Mere
8. Premier Regard
9. Un Beau Rêve
10. L' éternel Retour
11. Berceuse Pour Nous Deux
12. Après La Pluie
13. Photo Jaunie
14. Déjà Septembre
15. La Brise De Mai
16. L' Amour Rêvé

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Uploaded: Some Sheets By André Gagnon
1. Chanson pour Liona
2. Comme Dans Un Film
3. Comme Une Berceuse
4. Indian Summer
5. Nocturne

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Secret Garden

1. Song From A Secret Garden
2. HeartStrings
3. Serenade To Spring
4. Adagio

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It's 23h31' now and i feel too sleepy...! I will complete this post tomorrow, but link download is available now and you can download it...
Updated: All pieces in the album "Song From A Secret Garden". Almost them is for Piano + Violin.
All Pieces in the album "White Stones". Almost them is for Piano + Violin
White Stones
All Pieces in the album "Once In A Red Moon". Almost them is for Piano + Violin
Once In A Red Moon
All Pieces in the album "Dawn Of A New Century". Almost them is for Piano + Violin
Dawn Of A New Century
All Pieces in the album "Earthsongs". Almost them is for Piano + Violin
Last Updated: September 23rd 2008

The Daydream

The Daydream with album Renodia...

I don't know more about this artist, but i really amazing about his music...

Just some sheets from him,...

I'm searching for "A Melody Tree", and i'm very happy if someone could share it with me. Thanks very much...

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Updated: Update some sheets of this artist. All are .ove files.
Thank Memorial very much for his sheets.
1. Jasmine
2. Kissing Bird
3. Moon River
4. Empty Room
5. Mystery
6. Daydream
7. Beautiful Lady
8. I miss you
9. A Princess Of Goguryeo
10. Love is ...1
11. Love is ...2
12. Memories of the Winter
13. My Home
14. Scent Of A Morning
15. Rainy Sunday
16. Stepping on the rainy street
17. Tears
18. Valentines Day
19. Walking with you
20. Wedding
21. You and me

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Joe Hisaishi - (2003) DVD RIP

A Cool Concert, Joe Hisaishi with his piano plays "Piano Stories II"...
A Cool Video...
Rapidshare Links is availble for downloading...

Download 8 parts and join with Files Splitter and Joiner, and install Codec to watch this video...


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