The Classic OST

Nothing to say, from scence, acting to music, all is perfect!
I watched this film 5 times :D, and will be more...

The beautiful scene in this film is very romantic: run in the rain, hundreds of glowworm, the river,... Watch it if you haven't watched yet!:D

And The OST is also excellent! Specially The Theme Song, one of the most beautiful theme Song of Korean Film I have ever watched...
Below is 3 beautiful sheet music in the film, and 2 music piece in that film. Enjoy!
(Sorry because I don't know the title of Music in English, just titile in Korean:D)
But Exactly, Theme Song is very good.


1. Nuh Eh Gae Nan Nah Eh Gae Nun
2. Geu Raet Na Bwah
3. Theme Song

Link Download

My Sassy Girl OST

I've watched This Filme. It's very nice, and the musik is so cute!

Jun Ji Hyun in this film look very very gentle :))
But this film is a romantic love story, and watch it if you haven't yet.
The music is quite pianissimo, with "Love and Longing", "Lullaby" and specially, "Kanon"...
I really love the scene that she play piano, the Canon, and then he go and give her a rose.
And don't miss the OST, plz...:)

And Below is The Sheet Music Package Of "My Sassy Girl" OST

1. Kanon
2. I Believe
3. Lost Memory
4. Love And Longing
5. Lullaby
6. The Jazz

Link Download