The Classic OST

Nothing to say, from scence, acting to music, all is perfect!
I watched this film 5 times :D, and will be more...

The beautiful scene in this film is very romantic: run in the rain, hundreds of glowworm, the river,... Watch it if you haven't watched yet!:D

And The OST is also excellent! Specially The Theme Song, one of the most beautiful theme Song of Korean Film I have ever watched...
Below is 3 beautiful sheet music in the film, and 2 music piece in that film. Enjoy!
(Sorry because I don't know the title of Music in English, just titile in Korean:D)
But Exactly, Theme Song is very good.


1. Nuh Eh Gae Nan Nah Eh Gae Nun
2. Geu Raet Na Bwah
3. Theme Song

Link Download