Some Kevin Kern Sheet Musics

Do you know this artist?;)

He is a very famous artist. I listen to his albums the first time when i was a child. The piece of music have the name: "Sundial Dreams". Excellent! That's from the album "In The Echanted Garden" - the celebrated album.
If someone don't listen it, he will lost a half of his life...

Finding his sheet music is not easy, especially if you want it for free. Another way, you can buy from At that page there are many sheets of Kevin Kern. I also bought some sheets from that page, but unfortunatly, the sheets were only printed for one time. So i can not post here for you.

Some sheets below are colleted by me when i surf the internet, but i think you hardly find it.:)

So that is the package for them:
1. Sundial Dreams
2. Through the Albor
3. Into The Realm
4. Le Jardin
5. Pan's Return
6. Dance of The Dragonfly
7. Water Tapestry
8. Once In A Long Ago
9. Threads Of Light
10. Twilight's Embrace
11. Return To Love

Link Download Here


Have best times with Kevin Kern sheets, sharing with people your emotions and your piano sound...

Updated: Fairy Wings and After The Rain. I like Fairy Wings very much!

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