Yiruma, a korean pianist, is the artist who i love best.
I love Kiss the Rain, When the Love Falls, Spring Time,...
He is married to Miss Korea Son Hye-im? Maybe she make big influence on his sweet piano, doesn't she?;)

"Yiruma, (born 15 Feb 1978, Seoul, Korea) is a South Korean piano music composer. He is married to Miss Korea Son Hye-im.

Yiruma is well known throughout the world, and his albums are sold all over the United States and Europe, as well as Asia. His most famous pieces include "Kiss the Rain", "May Be" and "River Flows in You" (First Love).

Although he formerly held dual citizenship as a citizen of the United Kingdom and South Korea, in July 2006 he gave up his British citizenship and entered the Republic of Korea Navy to begin his military service, which is mandatory for all male South Koreans.[1]"

From "http://Wikipedia.org"

Below is all of Yiruma sheet musics which i can collect.

Download and have fun!!!

List of Yiruma sheet musics

1. Kiss The Rain (.pdf version and .ove version)

2. River Flows In You (.pdf version and .ove version)

3. Love me

4. MayBe

5. Spring Time

6. Shinning Smile

7. Tears On Love

8. 27 May

9. Beloved

10. Chaconne

11. Destiny Of Love

12. Do You

13. Dream A Little Dream Of Me

14. Dream

15. Falling

16. Gabriel

17. He Knows My Name

18. I

19. If I Could See You Again

20. Indigo

21. It's Your Day

22. One Day I Will

23. Passing By

24. Poem

25. The Moment

26. The Scenery Begins

27. Wait There

28. When The Love Falls

29. White Shadows

30. Lost in Island

31. Spring Rain

32. Our Same Word

33. Time Forget

34. Yellow Room

35. Sometimes... someone

... and some other sheet musics. All in one package...

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Have happy time with Yiruma sheet musics!!