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"George Winston (born 1949) is an American pianist who was born in Michigan, and grew up in Miles City, Montana, and Mississippi. [1] He is a graduate of Stetson University in Deland, Florida [2] and lives in Santa Monica, California.[3] Many of his pieces, self-described as "Rural Folk Piano", evoke the essence of a season and reflect natural landscapes. He performs in the new age genre. He also is known for his tribute album of Vince Guaraldi's compositions for the Peanuts animations."

"George Winston was first recorded by John Fahey for Fahey's Takoma Records. The album Ballads and Blues disappeared without much notice. However, in 1979, William Ackerman talked with Winston about having Winston record for Ackerman's new record label - Windham Hill Records. At first George Winston played some slack-key guitar pieces he liked and then he played some of his nighttime music on the piano which became the basis for the record Autumn, which Ackerman produced. George Winston has described the music on Autumn as "Christmas carols for Halloween". Autumn was well-reviewed in Rolling Stone magazine in 1980 and it suddenly became the best-selling record in the Windham Hill catalog, a position it held for many years.[citation needed] His albums December and Winter into Spring both went platinum (million-plus sales in the United States). Forest won a 1996 Grammy Award for "Best New Age Album".
Winston has been described as the “Father of New Age Music,” [4] but he eschews the term. Winston prefers to call his dulcet style "rural folk piano." [5]
Winston was 16 when Charles Schulz's A Charlie Brown Christmas premiered in 1965. Like thousands of kids, he ran out and bought the soundtrack the next day.[citation needed] And like thousands of kids, he eagerly awaited each new Peanuts special - not to catch up on the exploits of Snoopy and the gang, but to hear Vince Guaraldi's music. In 1996, Winston released Linus and Lucy - The Music of Vince Guaraldi. Most of the album is devoted to the theme music Guaraldi wrote for the animated Peanuts cartoons - 15 TV specials and a film from 1965 until Guaraldi’s death in 1976. "I love his melodies and his chord progressions," Winston said of Guaraldi. "He has a really personal way of doing voicings." [6]
Winston's 2002 album Night Divides the Day - The Music of the Doors takes the music of the 1960s band The Doors and turns it into solo piano. Winston tries to adapt the music to a more peaceful medium, without losing any of its creative ingenuity. The title of Winston's album is a lyric from "Break on Through (To the Other Side)", the first track of the Doors' self-titled first album."

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1. Arirang
2. Carol Of The Bells
3. Cloudburst
4. Colors/Dance
5.Crystal Ship
6. February Sea
7. Graceful Ghost
8. Graduation
9. January Stars
10. Jesus, Jesus, Rest Your Head
11. Joy
12. Living In The Country
13. Living Without You
14. Longing/Love
15. Miles City Train
16. Mon Enfant (My Child)
17. Moon
18. New Hope Blues
19. Night
20. Variations Of Canon
21. Peace
22. Prelude
23. Rain
24. Reflection
25. Living In The Country
26. Returning
27. Road
28. Sea
29. Some Children See Him
30. Stars
31. ThanksGiving
32. The Cradle
33. The Holy and The Ivy
34. The Velveteen Rabbit
35. Theme for A Futuristic Movie
36. Troubadour
37. Walking In The Air
38. Woods