Richard Clayderman

His music is too famous all over the world. He is called "prince of romance". His music is very popular, you can listen to his music everywhere: in car, in supermarket, even his music is used to be the ringtone of telephone...

About his sheets music: I have a chance to listen to his music when I was a child. My father was interested in his music. When I listened to his musics, I often thought the music is easy to play, and for a long time I couldn't understand why he become famous :)) But now when I myself had his sheets, try to play a piece of his music, I realized that to play like Richard Clayderman is not easy anymore, even very very difficult. Each notes, each fingers when he played is excellent and perfect. He himself make his styles, Richard Clayderman indiosincracy.

And below is a package contain some famous sheet musics played by Richard Clayderman. All are in pdf format. Enjoy!

1. A Comme Amour
2. Bach Gammon
3. Ballade Pour Adeline
4. Blue Rondo A La Turque
5. Bye Bye Tristesse
6. Concerto Pour Une Jeune Fille Nommée Je t'aime
7. Couleur Tendresse
8. Greensleeves
9. Histoire D'Un Reve
10. Jardin secret
11. La Fiancee Imaginaire
12. Lady Di
13. L'Amour Exile
14. Le Cygne
15. L'Enfant Et La Mer
16. Les Derniers Jours D'Anastasia
17. Les Roses De Sable
18. Lettre à ma mère
19. Mariage D'amour
20. Melodie Des Souvenirs
21. My Way
22. Nostalgy
23. Old Fashion
24. Reve D'Amour
25. Romantica Serenade
26. Root Beer Rag
27. Secret of My Love
28. Serenade
29. Souvenirs D'Enfance
30. Triste Coeur
31. Valse Des Adieux