[New Album] One Fine Day - Jeon Su Yeon (Release Date: September 17th 2008)

Jeon Su Yeon, a Korean pianist. I still haven't enough information about this artist. Her piano sound is quite good.

She has already had 3 albums before: Sentimental Green (2005), Flower (2006) and Wind (2007). I posted these 3 albums at the topic "Albums" in my blog. This newest albums is "One Fine Day".

Thank my friend, who provide me this album. :x

And now, download and enjoy the new album:

One Fine Day


1. To Sparking You

2. Green Tea

3. One Fine Day

4. Wedding Day of A Tiger

5. Flower Lightning Beetles First Going Out

6. You Are Haneulmalraria

7. Turtle Going to Forest

8. Lovesickness (With Ocarina)

9. Windflower

10. White Candle(With Cello)

11. A Day that go on A Picnic

12. In The Moonlight

13. Walk & Run

14. One Fine Day(With Guitar)

15. Lovesickness (Piano Solo)