[Release Date: Nov 12th 2008] A Sleeping Forest - The Newest Album of the Daydream

Hi all,

I've just found the newest album of the Daydream! His fourth volume album is "A Sleeping forest".
I really like the Daydream, specially his album "A Melody tree" and "Empty Room".
Download and enjoy!
Seem this period of time have much more new albums, doesn't it? :D

A Sleeping Forest

1. Prelude In Daydream
2. A Sleeping Forest
3. 시집가는 날
4. Donde Voy (나는 어디로Tish Hinojosa)
5. Wonderful Life
6. 가을이 떠난 자리
7. 그리운 너를 보낸 오후
8. 몽당연필 왈츠
9. 평화의 숲으로 가자
10. Prayer
11. 당신에게 희망을
12. 플로방스의 아침 풍경
13. 잔다르크의 샛별
14. [Bonus Track]Carnival Of The Seine(Violin 동요)
15. 내 손을 잡아요 (노래-The Daydream)
16. Happy Song(노래-조혜진)
17. Happy Song(아기버전 -조혜진 36개월)

Link Download (Two Parts)
Part I
Part II

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